Angus Taylor is a man of the earth, just not of its continued existence.

Taylor has watched the snowlines recede for thirty years, but thinks the Renewable Energy Target is bunk, creating an “unnecessary cost burden for businesses and households.”  An Oxford economist, Angus Taylor has done the maths and should know that taking basic responsibility for emissions is far more costly than the scorched earth alternative championed by the Coalition.

The Member for Hume is keen to protect us from a 98% scientific consensus, calling climate science “the new climate religion,” that is “recruiting disciples every day”. You’d think scientists were proposing human sacrifices at the foot of a golden wind turbine to David Attenborough, the vengeful God of Climate Action.

Andrew Taylor’s passionate commitment to outdated electricity sources was on display when he fronted the National Wind Power Fraud Rally, an event headlined by Alan Jones, where he decried government subsidies for renewable energy, which total less than one tenth of the $10 billion in subsidies paid to the fossil fuel industry every year.

Taylor has been a vocal opponent of wind power development, and is too busy objecting to wind farms to worry about the 40,000 Coal Seam Gas wells around the country. He does makes time to vote to reduce regulations for large coal mining and fracking coal seam gas developments that are “likely to have a significant impact” on water resources.

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