Son of a humble Farmer’s Association President, pupil at the second most expensive boy’s school in Sydney, then the University of Sydney, and then Oxford.

Angus Taylor is a businessman. And not just any businessman, he’s a big business man.

In his brief time in Parliament, Angus has voted against a clampdown on tax avoidance, voted to increase the cost of government services like Medicare, voted to back cuts to the ABC and SBS, and voted for university fee deregulation which would put tertiary education out of reach to all but the richest students. He also mounted a campaign to scrap the Renewable Energy Target altogether.

Even when confronted with tales of endemic tax evasion by big business, Taylor voted to keep vital information from the Australian Tax Office, making it very difficult to hold massive corporations accountable.

Taylor has voted in favour of fracking, which currently threatens hundreds of historic properties in the Southern Highlands.

At the 2016 election, Angus Taylor can be trusted as the kind of forward-thinking champion of change that the 18th century deserves.